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It’s been quite a while.

My crew Dues Paid is releasing a free album soon! The LP will be entitled ‘A few reciepts from the shoebox’. This is the shoebox full of reciepts that we’re gradually taking to IRD to prove them we paid our dues.

So while putting together this LP, we ended up with a heap of tracks that just weren’t going to fit. We’ve got 17 tracks currently on the real deal. There are more that it would have been nice to have on there, these we have packaged up into this thing called ‘A few outtakes from the shoebox’.  You can listen to it right now via the player below, or you can download it by clicking on the name of the album in the player. You then click on the link ‘Download Album’ and Bob’s your Uncle, you’ve got yourself  ‘A few outtakes from the shoebox’.  Should play very nice on your iPod, all the tags and stuff should be looking real nice-like.

Word to your Mother.

‘A few reciepts from the shoebox’ will be available on our bandcamp site, hopefully by the end of the month.

Let me know if you have any trouble downloading, or id3 tags, or artwork or anything.

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Dues Paid baby

Whats happenin readers?

It’s been way way too long since an update on here, so now is the time..
We formed Dues Paid a few months back, and we’ve been busy little bastards since. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a few fresh tracks  and a few oldies maybe. You can listen to them right off this blog here, or you can visit http://www.duespaid.bandcamp.com to check the whole lot. Keep tuned in for more tracks, we’ll be addin’ them.

Dues Paid Industries is a conglomerate of like minded peeps  making some dope as hip-hop in Wellington NZ. Members are Ridge Jaggers who makes all our beats,  and emcees Po’ Cus, Leary, Sativa and Heist. Asian beats the boxes like none other. We’re all over the show, so we not often in the same place at the same time, but there’s usually at least 3 of us kickin it around town.

We used to be the Hazardous Dukes in Dunedin a few years back, you can peep our older ish here

Anyway, we’re startin to get back into some gigging. We’ve got a gig lined up for Thursday, April the 16th at Sandwiches in Welli’s and anyone reading this in Welli should come on down and support the boys, we’ll be bustin party tunes via wax,  and performin a bunch of original stuff never before seen on stage.  Shit is gona be good times.

The party is a Ghost Dubs nite put on by the Strictly 138 fellas in Wellington. These blokes bring the finest in dubstep, no question. Cheers to the fellas for puttin us on, lets shake the place down!

Keep an ear out on radio Active this Thursday nite, we should be up in the place to have a yarn. More details to come when I find out more.

Anyway, cher for reading, hope you have a listen to what we’ve been upto.  And leave some goddamn comments goddamnit!


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