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I went to the subantarctic islands of New Zealand a few years ago. I also went to Macquarie Island, which is an Australian Island – halfway to Antarctica from the bottom of New Zealand – and there it rains something like 320 days in the year. The scientists that do their lonely tours of duty at Macquarie make some pretty sweet home  brew too :D

In fact that’s where I was this time 4 years ago. I had Xmas day at the Chatham Islands, and it was a pretty crazy experience. Excellent kai, as we had blue cod straight from Waitangi Harbour, and the crays were epic.

Perhaps more on that, some other time.

Anyhow, I’ve been going through and scanning some of these old slides that I shot there, these are mostly from Macquarie. They’re really the first go I’d had at photography, and what made me think I should get my own DSLR. Lemme know what you reckon. My favourites from this lot are the yellow-eyed penguin peeking through the branches, and the king penguins in the first shot, and the one from the Bounties.

If you click on the photo of the penguins below, it’ll open up a slideshow from my Flickr set.


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It’s been quite a while.

My crew Dues Paid is releasing a free album soon! The LP will be entitled ‘A few reciepts from the shoebox’. This is the shoebox full of reciepts that we’re gradually taking to IRD to prove them we paid our dues.

So while putting together this LP, we ended up with a heap of tracks that just weren’t going to fit. We’ve got 17 tracks currently on the real deal. There are more that it would have been nice to have on there, these we have packaged up into this thing called ‘A few outtakes from the shoebox’.  You can listen to it right now via the player below, or you can download it by clicking on the name of the album in the player. You then click on the link ‘Download Album’ and Bob’s your Uncle, you’ve got yourself  ‘A few outtakes from the shoebox’.  Should play very nice on your iPod, all the tags and stuff should be looking real nice-like.

Word to your Mother.

‘A few reciepts from the shoebox’ will be available on our bandcamp site, hopefully by the end of the month.

Let me know if you have any trouble downloading, or id3 tags, or artwork or anything.

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