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Dues Paid baby

Whats happenin readers?

It’s been way way too long since an update on here, so now is the time..
We formed Dues Paid a few months back, and we’ve been busy little bastards since. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a few fresh tracks  and a few oldies maybe. You can listen to them right off this blog here, or you can visit http://www.duespaid.bandcamp.com to check the whole lot. Keep tuned in for more tracks, we’ll be addin’ them.

Dues Paid Industries is a conglomerate of like minded peeps  making some dope as hip-hop in Wellington NZ. Members are Ridge Jaggers who makes all our beats,  and emcees Po’ Cus, Leary, Sativa and Heist. Asian beats the boxes like none other. We’re all over the show, so we not often in the same place at the same time, but there’s usually at least 3 of us kickin it around town.

We used to be the Hazardous Dukes in Dunedin a few years back, you can peep our older ish here

Anyway, we’re startin to get back into some gigging. We’ve got a gig lined up for Thursday, April the 16th at Sandwiches in Welli’s and anyone reading this in Welli should come on down and support the boys, we’ll be bustin party tunes via wax,  and performin a bunch of original stuff never before seen on stage.  Shit is gona be good times.

The party is a Ghost Dubs nite put on by the Strictly 138 fellas in Wellington. These blokes bring the finest in dubstep, no question. Cheers to the fellas for puttin us on, lets shake the place down!

Keep an ear out on radio Active this Thursday nite, we should be up in the place to have a yarn. More details to come when I find out more.

Anyway, cher for reading, hope you have a listen to what we’ve been upto.  And leave some goddamn comments goddamnit!



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Kia ora,

I found a thread on a forum the other day, and it was offering up a track from a free EP by Auckland HipHop artists Home Brew. The Last Week EP was given away on forums like this for free, one track each day. It contains 7 tracks, Monday thru Sunday.

This is the EP, download it now:

Now I’ve been making sweeping calls about this since I copped it, but this is seriously some of the illest New Zealand HipHop that I’ve ever heard.. Truth has just now been spoken.

Home Brew, as far as i can ascertain, is comprised of: Beatmaker Haz (Goonie Hodges), emcee Tom Scotch, and some contributions from DJ Truent.

What has struck me, and probably whoever else listens to it, is that it’s oozing realness. I try to make real music, and I have mad respect for anyone else that shares my sentiments. Home Brew pull it off, the beats are crazy ill, the concept of the entire EP is fuckin refreshing – Each track is about what these fellas (mainly Tom Scotch) did on the respective days the tracks are named after – and the rhymes/flows are on-point-as.


Must have been some quick work getting this EP done, it sounds slick, and some of the tracks are actually talking about what happened a few weeks ago..

“Watched the Warriors, Vatuvei got a hat-trick/Shit, 3 months ago he couldn’t even catch it”

Thats some prety quick turn-around: More props.

Theres heaps of other quotables aye, but just cop it and put this shit on repeat.

Excellently executed, I can relate to it heaps, beats are dope as, its a winner fellas. Mad props :D

I took the liberty of repackaging all the tracks and tidying up the ID3 tags, its mp3-player-friendly now too. The link is at the top of the page.

From Home Brew themselves:

Now don’t get me wrong, there ain’t nothing like a good old fashioned fatal stabbing or gruesome murder to help distract from the monotonous thrill lacking lump of shit that is life.  And we all need a healthy helping of Home and Away once in a while when the only thing we have to look forward to is an afternoon shit. But who said music had be an episode of Law and Order or a Friday night out with Millie Holmes? Sure, I love a bit of Slick Rick as much as the next guy in an eye patch and I could listen to Nas talk about Queen’s Bridge till I gotta bite my ipod to get the battery working, but sometimes, just sometimes, when I’ve played Labcabincalifornia 3 times over on repeat and I’ve heard Necro rhyme crack pipe 17 different ways, all I wana do is chill out and listen to Q-Tip tell me bout the day he lost his wallet. Cause I can relate to that. I ain’t ever been to El Segundo, but I’ve filled out an application for a new eftpos card and that shit is frustrating.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is. Sometimes life is boring. It just is. So when you’re listening to the new E.P from Home Brew, produced by Goonie Hodges and DJ Truent, (who both have never sold crack cocaine or served time in San Quentin for crimes against humanity, although Haz did get arrested that one time for pissing in public, but he pled diversion in the end and only got community service) don’t be mad if the beats don’t sound like your favourite wrestlers intro music or make you want to head but a bouncer. And don’t be pissed because the lyrics on the EP aren’t as exciting as the Legend of Zelda or the near death experience you had that time on your old best mates bmx. Just turn it up, grab a beer or a wine or whatever the fuck it is you prefer to drink, smoke, snort or shelve to take away from the normal boring reality that is your life and relax.

‘Last Week’ won’t give you the same adrenalin rush shop lifting will and it isn’t as exciting as that dude you know who named all his kids after xmen characters. It’s just a normal 7 track EP about the normal boring reality that is our life. 7 tracks we wrote last week about.. well.. last week. And really bro. That’s it.


Anyway, thanks guys. This is a real fresh change from all the other bullshit that calls itself New Zealand HipHop..


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[mixwit_mixtape wid=”d37415d49dd105e651664eac982659b9″ pid=”4e991b86a766012874313116a5199f2b” un=”olearysam” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

First things first: play the tape. Its ill, I promise.

Okay, mint.

So since finishing work today, and returning home; I have been perpetually blown away by sick online technology… yes I’ve been online since i got home.. *shame*

Usually, these occasions might occur on a monthly, or bi-monthly basis. Today however, is different.

First I downloaded Google Chrome. Far out. These guys at Google are unbelievable. They’ve built a new web browser from the ground up. I would try to explain all the ins and outs of it, but if you’ve got the time this comic that was leaked from Google themselves is incredibly cohesive.

Basically its a clean as, simple and incredibly functional browser. Hell, it even has its own ‘task manager’ so you can kill troublesome and pesky processes, say a flash plugin that crashes or something. (and im assuming it’s google gears that is currently letting me change the CMS windows from wordpress to the size I want.. you good carnts)

So if you have Windows, go and get Chrome now. Just do it. shut up.

Second. One of my mates i was talking to online suggested i take a look at Cooliris (formerly known as PicLens). For CoolIris you need Firefox, so don’t go deleting it already.

Using CoolIris, you can visually browse images in a very cool way. As you can see in the picture below-left, you can navigate these images as if they were all stuck to a wall



CoolIris seem to have worked pretty damn hard to obtain some pretty big time partners. Amazon, Google Images, Flickr, DeviantArt, SmugMug, Photobucket and YouTube are all searchable with CoolIris.

It is so damn slick. I entered the URL for my photography site, and instantly all my images were on a ‘wall’, and I could zoom in for a closer look with incredible ease. Hovering over any image would bring up its metadata in a transparenty cool sortof way, and dragging along the bottom allows you to dip skip past all the images, as quick as you like, or at your leisure. A fast connection would really show this thing off eh.

Amazon particularly takes on a new life. I’m not one to browse on Amazon a lot. Sure I’ve made the odd purchase, but this just makes it so bloody easy.. Maybe I’m just a more visually stimulated person, but cmon… search for something you’d potentially want to buy on Amazon, and tell me this isn’t a mint way to window-shop. Then if you require further convincing, have a search on youtube. Slick.

Lastly. The tape you see at the top of this post (and that you’re hopefully still listening to), was very, very easy to set up. I found out about Mixwit on this random blog somehow – cheers random blog pal – and was able to set up the Mixwit tape (that you should be listening to) atop this page. You can provide Mixwit with the URL of an mp3 you have hosted somewhere, or you can use its 2 built in search engines to find the tracks that you want. i was prety stoked to find some Atmosphere, it seriously took about 3-4 minutes from start to finish to make this thing.

What I really wanted to do, and will suss out how to do soon, is to make a tape with a bunch of my old tracks on it, and put that on here… so stay tuned.. with your finger on the pause button.. ready to make that dope tape.

Best of all, is that all of these things that I have been blown away by, on blown away day..  are FREE…   Fantastic.

Duno how far behind the 8-ball I am with all this stuff (well chrome was released today.. so hopefully not too far) but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Hah so that’s a bit of a rant. You may have enjoyed it, you may not have. Thats the nature of these things.

Have a minter.


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