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I went to the subantarctic islands of New Zealand a few years ago. I also went to Macquarie Island, which is an Australian Island – halfway to Antarctica from the bottom of New Zealand – and there it rains something like 320 days in the year. The scientists that do their lonely tours of duty at Macquarie make some pretty sweet home  brew too :D

In fact that’s where I was this time 4 years ago. I had Xmas day at the Chatham Islands, and it was a pretty crazy experience. Excellent kai, as we had blue cod straight from Waitangi Harbour, and the crays were epic.

Perhaps more on that, some other time.

Anyhow, I’ve been going through and scanning some of these old slides that I shot there, these are mostly from Macquarie. They’re really the first go I’d had at photography, and what made me think I should get my own DSLR. Lemme know what you reckon. My favourites from this lot are the yellow-eyed penguin peeking through the branches, and the king penguins in the first shot, and the one from the Bounties.

If you click on the photo of the penguins below, it’ll open up a slideshow from my Flickr set.


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I went for a bit of a wander around Otari Wilton’s Bush this afternoon, lovely day. I’ve been there a few times before with my camera, and they have some amazing gardens of native plants. they have a sub-Antarctic garden, alpine gardens and heaps of stuff like manuka, native lily, cabbage tree and hebes. Not to mention the rimu, totara and kohekohe.   Over 1400 native species are in there they reckon. And pretty much in the middle of Wellington, down the road from Zealandia – or Karori Wildlife Sanctuary – which has a fence to keep the predators out, and is home to many of our native birds.

I got a few shots of some plants, and here they are below. I’m pretty stoked with a couple, lemme know what you reckon. There’s more photos in the gallery at the end of the post than there are right here, too – if that makes any sense..  :D

Flax flower.

Otari wilton's bush.

Wadestown somewhere.

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A bit of Wellington street art. Some writing-ish entries and more solo photos posts to come.. I promise. Maybe some more reviews of books I’ve been reading. We’ll see.


In the meantime though, here’s some more Home Brew music. Blokes from Auckland, Tom Scotch is the emcee and there’s some sick new tracks on their bandcamp. You can stream it right here while you look at some photos perhaps (you can also download it from their site later. Or now):



Right-click and open the images in a new window/tab to enlarge, that’s if you don’t want the music to stop anyway.

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Blackalicious and Lateef the Truth Speaker perform at SFBH, Wellington.

Blackalicious and Lateef the Truth Speaker perform at SFBH, Wellington.

This gig sold out like last week, and I think there was something in the region of 380 tickets sold for it – on a side note, im prety stoked with paying $48 aye. I mean, Kanye West & Nas is going to be $140 bucks.. please – so as you can imagine, it was packed in there.. This made for a pre-ty damn sweet atmosphere though.

After waiting about twenty minutes in the coat-check line, and then waiting about 15 minutes to get a drink, I could take notice of the tunes and my surrounds.

San Francisco Bath House is a prety sweet venue; the speaks aren’t too bad, and they have a good selection of liquor. On support we had DJ’s Sticky Fingers and Don Luchito. These guys played a top selection of classic tunes, but it was kindof weird; their decks were at the back of the dancefloor, like.. on the dancefloor. It’s not like it was bad, it wasn’t. But it was just kinda weird. Top beats from the fellas, ‘specially afterwards when I heard some real classic shit.

Enter Blackalicious.

My memory is never that reliable, so I may have the following ‘rundown’ all wrong, but: Chief Xcel, Gift of Gab, and their 2 awesome backup-vocals girls started off with Alphabet Aerobics, and did a bunch of newer-skool stuff from The Craft. Lateef then joined Gab at center-stage,  and those 2 guys just proceeded to bring the fucking roof down. The hyped-up capacity crowd was like putty in their hands aye, and at one point seemed like they had more than they had bagained for in Wellington. They were like “Wellington make some nooiisee” and Welli made noise alright, Welli just didn’t stop making noise for a good minute or 2. Mad love for the Quannum fellas..


  • Deception off the album NIA –  This track is so ill; the hook is absolute money, and the whole track has a real mint feeling in general, this was sweet live.
  • It’s Going Down from Blazing Arrow – One of my favourite Blackalicious tracks, again it has a hook like fire, it was so good hearing/seeing this in super-fuckoff-mega-HD (commonly known as real life)


  • I may have been outside having a ciggy and missed them, but I didn’t hear the tracks Make you feel that way, and Swan Lake. It could be cos they’re pretty chill tracks, and they really were about rockin the party. But surprised cos they were both pretty big tracks for them, Swan Lake was before its time imo, and I think Make you feel that way was a single..
  • I don’t think there was anything from Melodica EP.. boo

A good mix of everything Blackalicious really. Epic.

The Welli crowd.

The Welli crowd.

SFBH was at full capacity, but I reckon it’s a well judged capacity. I had my camera with me, and you can see a couple of the photos in this post. I was trying to get right to the front of the crowd all night, with minimal success. People were literally shoulder to shoulder in there, and I was being manhandled by the crowd (I’m no stick figure). Pretty sweet though, made for a great atmosphere where everyone was loving it so much. Great support from Wellington, props. And nice work San Fran.

Cheers for the drinks to those that bought me drinks, and shouts to Haze, Theif, Sticky, Korean Indian Man (KIM), Paul T, Vega and respective crews!

You can see more of the photos here



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…Nuff said.

Last nite was Dj Skitz and Rodney P. They played alongside some mint local support at Wellington’s San Francisco Bath House on Cuba st.

These fellas really know how to rip a party eh, and they should know. True vets from the UK, Daddy Skitz and Rodney P have been at the fore of hip-hop for waay more than a minute now. Fueled by Uncle Jack (Daniels) and an appreciative crowd, the duo basically ripped shit up for about 3 hours.

A good all round mix of original tracks, 3rd party bangers, and liasing with the crowd. Rodney P’s presence onstage is hard to ignore, and Skitz provided some great support on his mic. The fellas are all about having a good time, and this was certainly conveyed by their performance.

Props to Kerb & Juse One from The Wanderers for holdin it down, and some mean cyphers out back too cher!

Props to NiceUp for organising such a mint nite, and nice to meet you guys. Good to catch up with a top crew of mates too. Props to one and all, i had a bloody good time (though im paying for it rite now). I am a shadow of a man.

Following are some photos, you can also see them in their larger forms here



[rockyou id=121578230&w=579&h=433]

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So here I am, the shy type.. And I think I’m doin alright..

Whats happening people? I’ve just returned to Wellington from a fantastic weekend away. A group of good mates and I rented a house in Ohakune. Ohakune is a small mountain-town near Tongariro National Park, about 3 and half hours north of Wellington. It is situated at the foot of Mt Ruapehu, one of a cluster of mountains in the immediate area.

Its all sunshine, its nothin’ but sunshine…

Not entirely true. The entire time we were there I think I saw the mountain just once. Spectacular though it was, I was really hoping to get some stunning landscape shots. That didn’t happen. But we did listen to some fine dubstep, jazz, and the aforementioned Atmosphere! (Atmosphere is my favourite)

While the lions share of our crew went snowboarding up the mountain (great afternoon I heard). The remainder of us hung out in this house, doing as we pleased, at our leisure. (this is what getting out of town is all about if you ask Leary)

We had experienced a fairly heavy Friday night on the whisky et al, and so wiled the morning away with the classic card game that is UNO.  I’d like to report that I kicked some thorough ass, but I didn’t. Came close but.

Upon review of the scorebook, it’s apparent that Sim had a ripper with the colourful cards. Nice work Austin.

Whio (NZ Blue Duck)

Whio (NZ Blue Duck)

One of my premeditated missions was to photograph New Zealands Blue Duck, or Whio. You can catch the Whio on our ten dollar note, or alternatively on a rapidly moving river/stream. This is their habitat of choice. Up near Ohakune is where they can be found in relative abundance. Thanks to the DOC blue duck crew for their fantastic advice on where to find the sneaky Whio. Without said advice, I would have nothing to post. As you can see from the photograph, they blend in pretty well with their surrounds.

Not overly impressed with the photographs I came home with, though there were a few mint ones. My main goal was to get the Whio captured in pixels, and I’m stoked that I did, but jeez it could be sharper! (this is nothing new).

Some other images are as follows:

Ghost cup

Ghost cup, yes it's really a ghost

An obscured Mt Doom

An obscured Mt Doom

A backyard fire

A backyard fire

A drawcard of the fantastic house we rented, was the inclusion of a beat-up, broken, and generally dilapidated bus. Yes, a bus. You can see it below. The bus contained things such as seats, and an oven full of broken memories (ask for more details)

I managed to cross the driveway, and saw this bus. I thought: ‘Yes, this is perfect, this is where I can camp out while I decide what’s really important in life’. So I camped out in this aptly located bus for approximately 2 months. I managed to hunt some thar, copped a couple of goats, and hastily ate berries that i thought would prolong my life. Luckily they did. In case they didnt though, I set up my camera to take the following photograph. Incase i didnt make it out alive, at least people would know… you know? maybe someone will document my life for no real reason..
Leary in the wild

Leary in the wild

But I digress..
All in all, we had a blardy good time in Ohakune. Had an awesome double-roast, tucked into further whisky et al, and enjoyed each others company immensely. thanks to all who attended/participated, you are all top carnts.
This is my first post on Fluke/Creative, and I plan to regularly update this page with photos, music, and sentiments on a variety of topics.. stay tuned.

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